Thursday, December 24, 2015

Xmas with the Kays - 2015

Merry Krampus

It is a traditional Christmas you want – it is a traditional Christmas you get. And you cannot get any more traditional than threatening to smack your kids and tell them that they will go to hell for being bad. I think it quite clever that parents would hit their kids with reeds while they slept and when they woke up crying they were told “… it must have been Krampus warning you to be good." Ah traditions… Traditionally good ole Saint Nicholas was adapted from the Nordic tale of Woden who wandered about giving counsel and goodies to the kiddies. So what does this all mean? Traditions are dynamic – they change, adapt to fit the times – to fit the culture – to fit the social norms and yet we hold onto them as if they stem from time immemorial. Like diamonds: diamonds are forever right? No they erode into graphite we just believe they are forever because of a great marketing firm in the late 1940s said so. Just try telling that to the young fiancée. I am sure it crossed Pat’s mind when he proposed to Jenna, oh yes Pat and Jenna are now engaged with the nuptials just around the New Year corner. Pat is still working in the construction trades and he does good work, square work such work as is wanted for building. Jenna is doing well in her work at Human Resources – oh the secrets she could tell! John is still at Trek, persevering and learning new insights into how industry works when he is not concentrating on building his bikes, brewing beer, and… and… oh yeah frolicking with Valerie. Notice she is third in this sequence something John may need to attend to… one of these days. John brew some beer for a charity function for the Robert Ross Memorial Dinner and they have asked him to reprise his role with… you guessed it more beer! When you are good at something you are recognized for it. Pat in construction – Jenna for putting up with Pat, John brewing beer – Valerie because well she can keep John on an even keel. And Michele and Shelbi run a product testing blog in the Western hills of Washington State. Do what you are good at… Jo and I keep moving along, Lilly and Coco love the mundane consistency of the routine. It seems odd that one can look back over the year and add up the accomplishments with… whoa whoa whoa what the hell happened?

And what the hell is going on here? Is this a Year End Letter? What happened to the Christmas themed music? Where is that tapestry of Christmas wonder mix tape? Ah, see what’s brewing - we cycle back here to traditions in this construction of metaphors (yeah yeah puns intended – oh the irony!) It seems that even though I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Science I cannot figure out how to make iTunes do what I want. That and quite honestly how many of you still have CD players? Besides it is very difficult to find recordable CDs anymore seems this new technology has gone the way of 8-track tapes. So the question is how do I deliver a play list of music for your entertainment pleasure? We kicked around USB thumb drives but the cost is still prohibitive. The solution then would be some type of wireless device where information could be shared at incredible speeds and just plucked out of the sky – as if it were stored in a cloud or something. So here it is, we may not have all of you as converts but we must change and adapt to survive and that goes along with our traditions.

We maintain a website (and interestingly enough have for the last 15 years) at where all of the past CDs are archived and where you will find this missive as well as the music that accompanies it. Is this the best answer to dwindling and changing resources, perhaps, then again perhaps not. But there it is. We have the luxury of having all of our CDs play sequentially by year stored in a cloud and we play this through all Christmas long. But there are those who hold traditions dear, keep in mind when I began this it was a Xmas with Khristian mixtape and now it is a Xmas w/ the Kays playlist, see? Traditions: adapt or fade away and we all know it is better to burnout than rust. So for those of you who still want a CD there is hope. For a limited time only you can request a CD just buy sending $19.95 (plus S&H ) to:

Send me a effen CD!
335 S. Silver Lake St.
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

And as the story goes it just ain’t Xmas until we hear John Prine sing…

This is the best Christmas ever!

Khristian '15


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