Saturday, December 19, 2009

Xmas from the Kays - 2009

Happy “the War is not over” Xmas!

It is almost 2010, for my generation that sounds like something out of a science fiction novel but this futuristic landscape is far from utopian. This year filled us with naive hopes and broken promises as our economy floundered worse than ever in American history; unemployment is rampant and soaring; the war is surging; healthcare is being dictated by big insurance companies; and Favre is taking the Vikings to the Super Bowl – oh the audacity of it all! It is times like these that we have to reflect upon what we have and be grateful for each other. I am grateful for being a lowly civil servant and being able to work in a time of recurring doubt. Josie is in a field that is also in constant need and yet there are bright spots. Jo has begun teaching with me at UOP she is still trying to adapt to the title of Professor Kay, and I have completed my 8th year there. Through everything we have learned to not take things for granted as life wends its way through. Sometimes those little things erupt into an explosive reign of dissonance leaving us to dig out the pieces.

And some of those pieces we do not want to pick up: Kodie is 17, blind, near deaf and this will be his last winter; John is still trying to discover who he is and define his raison d’etre; Khristian (Ian) is still distant and rapping as “MC Tanuki” (maybe it is not cool for rappers to have supportive fathers); and Patrick… yes Patrick finally picked up the sticks and joined a band “Billy Dreamer” and is discovering that talent alone does not fill the seats. (Both boys can be found on And of course Trixie’s a good girl.

“For the road is long, And the road is hard, And many fall by the side…” And that brings us to the theme of this year’s CD. Santa feels a little gypped and is taking matters into his own hands. Perhaps we have taken this season for granted (keep in mind this season existed millennia before Christ was added to it) and we should remember the true meaning of this season: that of renewal and rejoice; that that which has died shall be resurrected (funny that the early Christian Scholars would appropriate this season for their own use); days will become longer; the crocus will bloom through the snow; and the snows will fill the rivers with fresh purifying water – this cycle will continue regardless of the recession, the war or forgotten promises. Nature has a way of wending through, far after the dregs of the Christmas Lasagna, the bittersweet sticky of Old Fashioneds, the fallen needles and broken presents underfoot and refilling our empty vessels with wizened hope.

And as to traditions Josie says: ‘it just ain’t Christmas until we hear John Prine sing…’

to diapers hanging on the Rosemary

Happy Xmas

Khristian ‘09


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