Thursday, December 02, 2010

Xmas from the Kays - 2010

Seasons Greetings from Oconomowoc!

Well we did it! We purchased our first home out here in Lake Country after much debate and squabbles we compromised by moving even further away from where we work. But it is a charming house grand in its character and we are right in town. But the town has a small town fervor, so we get that urban living feeling while still being able to hear the birds singing. The move was good as it forced us to unload some of our baggage and do a cleansing of the spirit. However we still have to unload some of that baggage we could not release.

Unfortunately Kodie did not make it into the new year but at 17 (or 119) his passing was embraced with knowing he lived a long, fruitful and well loved life. Also in misfortune Trixie was killed prior to us moving: a grief which hit us pretty hard. John has moved out and hopefully on. He is trying to establish himself in this world: not an easy task. Pat is alive and living in River West. Khristian (Ian) has gone back to school and all the boys have found loved ones to help guide them through the turmoil.

Josie and I took a road trip this summer 4 days on the bike we experienced the House on the Rock, Shakespeare in the Park, Wollersheim Winery, regional Wisconsin cheeses, and enough blue highways to keep us tourists in our own hometown. This excursion led to this year’s theme as every where we went we were greeted with warmth and kitsch.

The nest is not empty we have a new dog, a rescue from Tennessee named Coco, she’s a Carolina Dog which is a breed indigenous to North America (seems I cannot free myself of those southern women).

John is a steady visitor as he is making homebrew in our cellar and every morning we are visited by the 4:10 to Minneapolis. Pat owes me money so he doesn’t visit while we are home, and Ian is…well Ian and still living in Washington.

As traditions go Josie says we need to remark on how we are thankful for friends and family, good health and hair, paying taxes as homeowners, our jobs, a chance to get together and life in general (sorry no prime rib)…

and how ‘it just ain’t Christmas until we hear John Prine sing…

to knowing the truth of it

Happy Xmas

Khristian ‘10


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