Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Xmas from the Kays - 2012

It’s Christmas at the end of the world!

That’s great it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes and if the Mayans are correct you only have a short time to read this (of course some of you will never read this!) As per usual Josie has been pestering me for the theme of this year’s collection needless to say she did not like my first draft and chided me for picking on the religious zealot majority out there. But I guess it is ok to pick on the religious zealot minorities, so there you have it. It is the end of the world as we know it, cats and dogs living together, gender role reversals, Walker surviving the recall and those immigrants. Oy ve the drama! We have been doing a lot of genealogical research this year and have traced both of our families (ironically both on our mothers’ side) to Joseph of Arimathea (my great grandfather and Jo’s great uncle). We also found a grand French connection on the Kay side and a royal Scottish heritage on the Harris side. Cheers to Dagobert the 1st and Robert the Bruce! Long live the King! Josie has settled in to her new work and I keep racking up the years (it feels good to say that but it is rather depressing also: aging is not for the timid.) This year we saw the usual progression of births, weddings, divorces and funerals so we are not without drama: Ian now goes by MÍchel (that French connection…) Pat has disappeared into that black hole of “I have a girlfriend now” and John is skirting at the edge of his own gravitational pull. What does that all mean? Well, grab a glass of the Widow Jane, pull up a chair on the new deck, put in this CD, and we’ll watch firsthand the drama unfold.

I cannot help but think about the Sumerians a culture which thrived thousands of years ago. 1500 years after their demise their influences and language finally died out. All of this took place before the existing Christian culture. The Sumerians had written laws, libraries, education, politics and an advanced culture. I reflect on this because this was a civilization, a history written and expressed, lost to us because we can no longer read nor understand their language. What does this say about our culture? Will all these etchings and volumes of letters be scribble marks to our descendants? And if the Sumerians had thousands of years to establish their legacy and no one remembers it – what can we accomplish in the mere decades we have? Not to philosophize but if history is read correctly we do not have much time to waste on the effluvia: the drama of it all. Our time is now and here it is a short ride and when it is over… it is over. So hold on feel the wind blow through your hair, the rumble of the ride through your body, the whisp of the season at your breath and simply enjoy the moments you have. As history goes, Josie says it just ain’t Christmas until we hear John Prine sing…

Live respected and die regretted,

Happy Xmas

Khristian ‘12


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