Monday, December 19, 2016

Xmas w/ the Kays - 2016

Happy Christmas

The winds of change have blown a bitterly cold once in a lifetime polar vortex over this country. For 12 years we have had the ubiquitous Miss December tucked away under our beds only for her to disappear completely in this new misogynist culture. Well nothing new about that actually this seems to be one of the fundamental ideals upon which America was founded upon.  At least it is when we parlay it into Santa Claus. Garrison Keillor said that in times like these we should relax, take account of our lives, listen to some jazz, watch a play, read a book, plant a garden… write a poem. So this play list of music is my jazzy poem to you. It is relaxing, full of whimsy and … yes, sex. And speaking of sex Pat and Jenna got married in January and 10 months late little William came swinging into life. Welcome to parenthood… “No soup for you!” (Symbolize your own euphemism there). Jenna and Pat also bought a house and have discovered the whimsy of home ownership, child rearing and a reasonable bedtime straight away. John is still at Trek, though he did have a mountain biking accident which severely broke his arm. Many surgeries later he is still recuperating with more cutting and scraping in the future. Valerie keeps our spirits high with her charm and other delights. She has also been playing nursemaid to John which secures her a special place in the Karma Kingdom. Have not heard from Michele and Shelbi. Jo and I keep moving along grudgingly… I have been reassigned to the high school, Lilly and Coco love the mundane consistency of routine and chasing down the evil squirrel.

And then we come to this… this play list. I do believe that this will be the last one until a new inexpensive form of music delivery is invented or accepted by the masses.  Perhaps the children will pick up the reins and continue the tradition, but then again perhaps not. At least I get to play Santa Claus again (another creepy misogynist concept – the stories!) Ah well grab the holidays by the kitty cat, the war on Christmas has been won by the fundamental nativists, and we are putting white back into Christmas. Ho ho ho. 

We maintain a website at where all of the past CDs are archived and where you will find this missive as well as the music that accompanies it. Interestingly enough neither the Russians nor the Chinese have shown any interest in it. Is this the best answer to dwindling and changing resources, perhaps, then again perhaps not. But here it is. We have the luxury of having all of our CDs play sequentially by year stored in a cloud and we play this through all Christmas long. But there are those who hold traditions dear, keep in mind when I began this it was a Xmas with Khristian mixtape and now it is a Xmas w/ the Kays playlist, see? Traditions: adapt or fade away and we all know it is better to burnout than rust. So for those of you who still want a CD there is hope. For a limited time only you can request a CD just by dropping me a line:

Send me an effen CD!
335 S. Silver Lake St.
Oconomowoc, WI  53066

And as Josie says it just ain’t Xmas until we hear John Prine sing…

And even though it all went wrong I will stand before the lord of song
With nothing on my tongue but halelujah

Khristian – 2016