Monday, June 05, 2006

Geneva Convention - No longer matters?

The news? The Pentagon, the formidable representation of the might of the United States of America, the free democracy which represents the purity of freedom in the world... will no longer adhere to the Geneva Convention when it comes to holding prisoners. Americans complain of the atrocities in the world, that American POWs and MIAs still exist, that the treatment of our soldiers captured during war time must be treated in a decent manner. And yet, WE no longer have to adhere to this ruling. We can toruture, maim, abuse at free will. Pentagon to omit Geneva ban from new army manual: report

is this the America we fought for? Is this the America our forefathers laid down their lives for? Is this what America represents? Have we become Stalinesque Russia in just a decade?

Why is this happening?